The magic of grape

Hvar Hills runs a 30 hectare vineyard on the southern slopes of the island of Hvar with a beautiful view of the islands of Korčula, Šćedro, Vis and Lastovo. Lots of sunny days, triple insolation, a large slope of the terrain and stony calcareous well drained soil are the characteristics of our vineyard that result in the highest quality grape.


It originated from the spontaneous crossing of Crljenak Kaštelanski and Dobričić varieties. It is rarely known that Zinfandel, which has gained worldwide fame, emanates from the same area as Plavac Mali.

Sensitive to low temperatures, resistant to the disease and of long vegetation cycle, Plavac Mali ripens late and grapes may remain on the vine for a long time. Due to the uneven ripening, green and even completely dried berries can be found at full technological maturity and they contribute to the quality development and the scent intensity.


Originally Bojdanuša, it is an indigenous white grape variety of the island of Hvar. Legend says that the name (“given by God”) was given because, due to its exceptional quality, it was drunk exclusively on religious holidays. It is golden yellow in color with an alcohol content of more than 13% and due to its quality it was served on Viennese Court.


Prošek, as a traditional Croatian product, is a dessert wine with no additives. In warm and dry autumns on the steep and skeletal soil wine-growing regions, grapes were produced with lots of sugar and it was ideal for production of natural sweet wine – prošek. Taking into consideration that such regions were most common in Dalmatia, prošek is considered to be the Dalmatian sweet wine. Produced in such a way, prošek without vinic alcohol and concentrated grape must is actually a quality wine of a very late harvest i.e. wine with the residual sugar.


Top quality from the best parts of Hvar’s southern slopes. For everyone’s taste.


A whiff of indigenous varieties from vineyards of island Hvar on your table.


We invest dedication and effort from the very start of the process in order for each of our products to meet criteria.


Premium quality wines as well as continuous quality for over 25–30 years.


Of course, as always, only you can decide on this.


The dedication and effort that we put in the process from the very beginning is needed in order for each of our products to meet criteria.



Every wine on this list has one key quality – immediate drinkability

Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.

Ernest Hemingway