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Wine shop opening in Split

Wine shop opening in Split

There is a new brand on the wine market called Hvar Hills and it offers typicall Hvar varities Plavac Mali and Bogdanušu. It’s recognizable by it’s dominant logo that’s sure to catch your eye and become an inevitable part of life for all wine lovers. Branding the new wine on the market started this summer and it owes it’s recognizable aroma to the vineyard that’s laid on the southern slopes of island Hvar. The vineyard is specific because the vine grows in the karts landscapes and is subjected to triple insolation: the Sun, stone and sea.
The main variety in the vineyard is Plavac mali, descendant of the Zinfandel, appropriate for poor and dry soils which prevail in the Central and Southern Dalmatia. Plavac mali stands out by it’s quality and that means we can produce different types of wines.

Hvar Hills company used all of Plavac mali’s potential and produced two dry red wines Maior Rizerva and Pharos Maximvs and one sweet dessert wine Prošek Risus. Beside that, Hvar Hills is the only one to offer two types of Plavac Mali in bulk – from the wines grown in soil and wines grown in karst landscape.

Everyday wine, Maior Rizerva, is a top quality dry red wine with 13,5% alcohol which gained it’s recognizable flavour by resting in an oak barrel for at least twenty four months. Many will recognize rich cherry scents and other ripe fruit.

If you’re a lover of fuller tastes, Pharos Maximvs will satisfy all your expectations, and it’s intensive dry aroma goes well with different types of gastronomic specialties. Pharos Maximvs is a wine barriqued for at least twenty four months in an oak barrel and is classified as a top level wine.

Because of it’s intense flavour Prošek Risus is a great choice for the long winter days, but it’s also ideal to mark some spontaneous moments in pleasant company.

All Hvar Hills wines can be found on advent in Zagreb at the location “Cafe de Matoš” on Gornji Grad or in the newly opened wine shop in Split at the address Kralja Zvonimira 65a where you can find some holiday discounts.

Discover what’s hidden on the label and choose a wine best suited to your personality and your occasion.