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Our story

Hvar Hills, a company founded in 1991 is owner of potentially the largest vineyard in the Mediterranean. On a plot of 242 ha, the vineyard currently occupies 30 ha. Over the past 10 years 150,000 grape vines were planted thanks to the karst reclamation, of which 80% on the indigenous variety Plavac Mali and the remaining 20% on Bogdanuša. It is located on the southern slope of the island Hvar in the locality of Poljica (Zastražišće) where, due to the pronounced inclination and the stony soil where the vine grows deeply, has a triple insolation: the Sun, stone and sea. All the agrotechnical activities are carried out manually – from pruning to harvesting. Also, the traditional method of cultivation without armature is retained where the pronged vine shape ensures sufficient natural ventilation and sunlight utilization.


the tradition of viticulture and wine-growing on the island of Hvar is 2,400 years old and it is considered to be one of the oldest locations in the world where it is still nourished today


Hvar Hills Company founded


capacity increase and more modern equipment


the first premium wine


buying our own winery that is still active today


concession of 242 ha of land of which 30 ha is vineyard and as such it is potentially the largest vineyard in the Mediterranean


the first wine shop opened in Split


we are systematically working on expanding our product range and increasing production capacities


The tradition of grape and wine production on the island of Hvar dates from 385 BC when the Greeks from Paros Island in the Aegean Sea sailed to the present-day Stari Grad (“Old Town”) and established the Pharos colony. Long and secure Stari Grad bay and the 600 ha of fertile field were the key reasons for them to settle there and establish a colony. Historically speaking, the tradition of viticulture and wine-growing on the island of Hvar is 2,400 years old and is considered to be one of the oldest locations in the world where it is still nourished today.

The Hvar Hills Company was founded in 1991 in Svirče where it owned a 35,000 liter winery. The production was based on the indigenous white varieties of Bogdanuša and Parč, as well as the red varieties of Darnekuša and Plavac Mali. In addition to its own vineyards, the Company had contracts with 10 families in order to secure sufficient quantities on the market. Due to the lack of capacity, the Company relocated the winery in 1992 and installed more modern equipment, increasing the capacity to 55,000 liters.

The product range in 1991 included the following wines: Bogdanuša, Parč and Slavogost as quality white wines, and Pharion and Darnekuša as quality red wines. In 1994 the Company takes the first major step forward and expands its offer with the first premium wine – Ivan Dolac. Three years later the production of specialty wines begins – the Aperitif and Dessert Parč. Given the product range and market needs, in 1997 the Company has 20 subcontracting agreements and in 2002 it buys its present-day vineyard in Vrbanj. In 2004 the Company rented 5 ha of vineyards at the locality Krušvica and in 2007 it gets the concession of 242 ha of land in the location Poljica-Križišće where there are 30 ha of vineyards. In 2008 at the mentioned location 20 ha of Plavac Mali and 5 ha of Bogdanuša variety were cultivated. Everything was cultivated on the base Paulsen 1103 that is well known as a good rootstock for vineyards of strong breeding varieties and it tolerates well the saline soil. This rich rootstock characterizes early maturation and is excellent for the dry Mediterranean climate and is therefore an excellent choice for this type of vineyard. In 2017 Hvar Hills Company opens its first wine shop in Split and our wines can be found in restaurants throughout Dalmatia and Zagreb.


The dry and poor soil, with a stony surface 20 centimeters deep, where the plant root is laid 80 centimeters from the surface and is thus protected from excessive sun exposure.


It is the sunniest island in Croatia with an average of 2726 hours of sunshine per year and a temperature of 16.5 0C. Vineyard suitably positioned on top of the hill, exposed to winds.


High sweetness level with yield between 0.5 and 0.75 kg per vine, protected from direct sunshine with leaves thus protecting its full quality.


The first wine shop opened in Split in Kralj Zvonimir 65A Street. Apart from our own range of wines, we also offer 7 other Dalmatian winemakers’ wines.